The War Cemetery, Khartoum adjoining Khartoum New Christian Cemetery, lies on the south-eastern side of Khartoum, the capital of the Sudan. The western boundary of the cemetery is the Khartoum Memorial that stands at the centre of the place. It memorializes nearly 600 soldiers of the East African campaign of 1940-1941 those who died in the Sudan, or in the progress into Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia, and who have no known grave.

The War Cemetery, Khartoum had come into from the north through wrought-iron gates fringed by piers of Travertine. There is a monument initially erected in Suakin Cemetery by the Brigade of Guards in honor of their companions who fell in the 1885-1886 campaign on the eastern boundary of the cemetery.

There are also 2 special memorials that commemorate 16 soldiers of the Shropshire Regiment who died in 1885 and were buried in Suakin Cemetery but whose graves could not then be located. There are 22 special monument headstones that remember United Kingdom soldiers who died prior to the 1914-1918 War and whose graves at Amadi, Wadi Halfa, Jubi and Suakin are now lost. 20 other special memorial headstones also honor 10 East African soldiers buried at Juba Christian Cemetery, 5 East African and 1 South African soldier buried at Kosti Christian Cemetery, 2 East African and 1 United Kingdom soldier buried at Sennar Christian Cemetery Wars were prepared in remote parts of the Sudan, but in the year 1960 the graves were detached to the new war cemetery, for which the Sudan Government kindly made available an extra piece of land that adjoins the present war graves plot in Khartoum. There are 73 Commonwealth commemorations of the 1914-1918 war and a more 322 of the 1939-1945 war. There are over 400 Non World War memorials.